Paid Referral Program

Do you love our products?  Do you love our mission of sharing the Gospel with the world one bible verse at a time? Do you love the fact that we give away free t-shirts with bible verses on them as a means of sharing the Gospel? 

If you said yes to those questions, then we might have the perfect opportunity for you.  We are currently recruiting individuals who are active on social media to refer people in their network to our website.  It doesn't matter if you have 100 followers or 1 million followers, we still think of you as an influencer !!!!  AND WE PAY FOR REFERRALS !  

Here is how our program works:

Step 1:  You join our Paid Referral Network for free.

Step 2:  You get assigned a Personal Referral Discount Code that you can share with people in your network.  This allows them to get a discount on items they purchase.

Step 3: Anytime your personal discount code is used, you get paid a referral fee!

Email: to Learn more and join our Paid Referral Network.