Inspirational Logo Message



Our "Logo Story" :  the meaning behind the logo

The easiest way to understand the message behind the logo is to decompose the logo and rebuild it piece by piece.  But first, it's important to know our mission statement.  Our mission is to share the Gospel with the world, one bible verse at a time.  We do that by donating a shirt with a bible verse on it to a person in need for every shirt we sell.  For a more detailed description of why we do what we do, see the video on the "about us" page. 

Now, back to the Logo Story.  Wanting to have a positive impact on the world, our logo design also began with a round image originally intended to be a representation of the world, the earth. Knowing that without Jesus, the world we would live in would be dark, the first layer of our logo is simply a dark colored circle representing the world without light.

The second element of our logo design focused on our specific mission, using two shirts to depict our mission statement.  Each shirt was purposefully created with a different color.  This represents both:

  • The differences among people whether it be ethnicity, geography, beliefs, etc. and
  • The act of our customers buying one shirt and Gospel Shirt Company giving a shirt with a bible verse on it to another person

The most inspiring part of the message comes when the two shirts are overlapped.  The overlapping shirts give birth to a newly formed shirt in the middle, at the heart of the design.  We placed a gold cross on the center shirt.  The shirts were overlapped to represent people with various differences coming together.  Thus, where the shirts come together and overlap, they become the same color representing one body of Christ united by the cross!

This third shirt, in essence the heart of our logo represents a place where differences are no longer the focus; a place where color and ethnicity is irrelevant; a place where God's love is shared freely and discussed openly. 

This is an important part of our mission because by giving away shirts with bible verses printed on them, we can introduce other people to the Gospel, including those who may have never even heard the name Jesus before, thus give them hope for a brighter future.

The final part of the logo design was to encircle the logo with 3 outer rings.  These rings represent what rests at the foundation of the Christian faith, the holy trinity; God the father, the God the Son and the God the Holy Spirit all united as one.  

We believe this is the most descriptive and inspiring corporate logo being used today because it can truly stand alone and tell the story of our company.

It's a Logo that you can be truly be proud to wear!